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Bill Of Materials

Multi- Level BOM
Assembly structures may be up to 99 levels.
Assembly Definitions
Assembly items are maintained in Stock Control as standard stock (or product) items and are created by the specification of the components comprising the assembly.
Component Definitions
The BOM precision (number of decimal places) may be up to 5 and is separate from the stocking precision.
Component File Maintenance
Maintenance of component records permitting.
- the addition and deletion of components
- the addition and deletion of text
- the mass change of components

Roll - Up Costing
Report with optional file update on the costs of assemblies.
Single Period Planning
Assembly requirements may be entered manually or taken from the Sales Order file or the Invoice file.
Batch or Real - Time Stock Update
Allocation based on planning or order intake. Issue based planning or order release.
Reports and Enquiries
Parts Explosion
Indented report of assemblies to a specified explosion level and with print or display option.

Assembly Costs
Costed parts explosion report allowing costing at standard or current costs and with print or display option.

Where Used List
Report of assemblies on which selected components are used with print or display option.

List Assemblies
Report of assembly items within stock file with print or display option.

List Components
Report of component items within stock file with print or display option.

Value by Element
Report on stock valuation broken down into material, labour, overhead and sub-contract.

Print Requirement Results
Report of the assembly requirements and the component requirements derived from them.
Trial Kitting
Report allowing stock check on the components for a single assembly item.

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