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Multiwindow Formatted - Selection of customer by account number, short name or part
Allows: short name.
- Display and selection of correct customer where name not unique.
- Stock enquiry by stock reference including wild-cards.
- Any many more features.

Invoice Line May: - Take details from product record.
- Take details from stock record and raise stock issue.
- Take narrative from description product record.
- Accept free typed narrative and free typed value.

Invoice Entry Provides:
- Check on over credit limit or overdue balance.
- Settlement discount.
- Foreign currency option.
- System generated or manually entered document numbering.
- Comprehensive customer/ product pricing/discounting including;
customer/discount matrix.

Each Invoice May - Up to 250 invoice lines.
Contain: - A value up to 99 million pounds.
- Customer or free typed address.
- Delivery or free typed address.
- Special instructions.
- Two user definable reference fields.

Credit Note Facilities - Multiwindows formatted entry.
- Optional return of goods to stock

Each document may be output in pre-printed, logo or plain stationery format.

Invoice Print
Full invoice production with display option available for reviewing invoices before printing/ posting. Continuous print option for point of sales application.

Credit Note Print
Credit Note production with display option available.

Delivery Note Print
Unpriced copy of invoice.

Key Optional Features
Foreign Currency, Parts Explosion/ Kit Sales, Invoice Archiving/ Retail Sales Invoice (VAT inclusive).

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