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Material Requirements Planning

Up to 52 Periods
The MRP module provides an extension to the single period planning of BOM. The user may configure up to 52 periods for requirement calculation. These may then be grouped together to produce reports containing up to 12 reporting periods.
Requirements Input
Assembly requirements may be entered manually or taken form the Sales Order file or form the Invoice file. In the case of extraction from sales orders the due date is used to determine which of the 12 periods the assembly requirements are for. The component requirements arising from these may then be calculated.
Net- Off
The calculated requirements may be netted off against stock and exploded where necessary to sub-assembly level. Lead time phasing may optionally be used at this stage.

Reports and Enquiries
Print Requirements Results
Report of the assembly requirements and the material requirements derived from them. The number of consolidated periods to report can be selected - up to three periods can optionally be displayed.

Period Requirements Report
Report of the material requirements compared with stock on hand or free stock. The report may include a schedule of purchase orders expected, recommended additional orders and provides a lead time phasing option.

Delivery Schedule
Report to supplier sequence for up to 12 periods showing and necessary purchase order adjustments arising from the material requirements shortfall against outstanding orders.

Projected Stock Level Report
Report of the projected stock levels resulting from the materials requirements usage and taking into account the schedule of expected purchase orders.

Key Optional Features
52 Period Analysis.

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