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Nominal Ledger

Nominal Reference
User configurable reference structure with 1,2,3 or 4 levels for division cost centre.

Budgets for year maintained against all nominal heads and analysis codes. Facilities for automatic calculation of budgets.
Transaction Archiving
Completed transactions may be retained for selected account providing detailed history.

Nominal Maintenance
Entry and maintenance of nominal accounts including reference, description, account type and nominal group.

Analysis Heads
Set up Sales Analysis Codes, Purchase Department Codes, Customer Group Codes, Supplier Group Codes and Nominal Group Codes.

VAT Code
Maintenance of VAT codes and rates.

Nominal Journal
Prime data entry for transactions on the nominal ledger which are not created from sales or purchase ledgers.

Post Transactions
Posting of nominal ledger transactions from sales, purchase and nominal journal transactions.

Period End
Automatic processing of the period end, supporting spilt sales and/ or purchase ledger period end.

Pre- Payments and Accruals
Auto- reversing journal.

Reports and Enquiries
Nominal Enquiry
Displays full account details for a nominal account with all transactions. Current month, archive of future period transactions may be included. Optional Hard copy print.

Posting Report
Full audit listing of all transactions posted to the ledger.

Trial Balance
Produces trial balance with debit and credit figures for period and year to date.

Final Accounts
Produces Trading Account and/ or Profit and Loss and/or Balance Sheet based on Period/Year.

Nominal Group Listing
Produces current position of nominal analysis groups with optional budget comparison.

VAT Summary
Shows current position of VAT summary account.

Full Transaction List
Audit listing of all/selected nominal transactions in current period.

Sales Analysis
Reports of sales values by product type, customer group and order group with optional budget comparison.

Sales Cost Analysis
Value, cast and margin analysis reports by product type, customer group ad order group.

Transaction Report Generator
Comprehensive report generation facilities from the nominal transaction files.

Key Optional Features
Spreadsheet style Nominal reports, Commodity code reporting in Nominal and include Nominal groups on Trial Balance.

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