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Purchase Order Processing

Order Entry
Multi window formatted entry with the following: delivery text and due dates for each order line, foreign currency option.

Add to Order
Additional lines may be added to an existing order up to maximum of 250 lines.

Amend Order/ Order Line
Details of the order or order lines may be amended.

Receive Goods Order
Powerful screen formatted function to allow the receipt of an order.

Cash Received
Entry of cash receipts for the credit of customer accounts.

Record Purchase Invoice
The order/ order lines may be marked to log the receipt of the invoice for reporting purposes.

Purchase Order Print
Full print of order as acknowledgement in pre- printed, logo or plain stationary format.

Amended Order Print
A print of amendments to an order may be produced.

Display Order
Display of order allowing selection by order number, supplier number, short name, supplier reference, with hard copy option.

Report Generator
Comprehensive report generator allowing customised reports on outstanding orders, orders received and not invoiced, orders received and invoices received, deleted orders etc.

Key Optional Features
Consignment Notes, Over Receipt of Goods and Extended Pricing on Order.

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