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Stock Control

Stock Maintenance
Entry and maintenance of stock, product description records.

Product Items
Product items for which no stock levels are required are supported.

Description Items
Items comprising only description are supported.

Price Change
Carry out change to amount or percentage to some or all items. Any price field may be changed - the price field to be amended may be derived from itself or from any other price field.

The normal issue of stock optionally referencing a customer.

Enter/ Amend/ Close Allocation, Issue Allocation
Functions to record an allocation which may be subsequently be issued against.

Goods Returned to Supplier
To record the return of goods from stock.

Goods Returned from Customer
To record the return of goods into stock.

Stock Transfer
To transfer a quantity of stock from one stock item to another.

Stock Adjustment
To adjust the stock on hand quantity. The adjustment may be carried out by an adjustment quantity or to a new stock on hand figure.

Internal Stock Transfer
To carry out transfers within a stock item - for particular use with the Multi-location to tractability options.

Transfer Stock Inwards
To transfer in a quantity of stock from an unspecified source.

Master Reports and Enquiries
Full Stock Enquiry
Detailed enquiry accessed by main or alternate reference. All stock quantities, prices, codes, history are shown. Then the stock transactions, sales orders and/or purchase orders may be displayed.

Short Stock Enquiry
Summary stock enquiry which allows access by abbreviated stock reference including wild card characters. Hard copy option.

Product Report
Report of price and code fields from stock and product records.

Stock Report
Report of stock quantities from stock records.

Stock Valuation
Primary source of the value of stock. The valuation may be done at standard cost or using the costing types of the individual items. Print or display option and option to report only the totals.

Forward Under Minimum Report
Report of any stock items which will fall below their reorder level within the lead time of the time by examining the schedule of sales and purchase orders due within the lead time.

Movement Summary
Report of the movements in and out based upon the transactions for the item.

Price List
Report including the selling price fields.

Label Print
To produce labels containing stock reference, description etc.

Report Generator
Powerful report generator with formulae capability may be used to produce a wide range of customised reports.

Transaction Report
Full transaction report for all or selected stock items.

Outstanding Orders Schedule
Report which analyses outstanding sales and purchase orders over the next 6 months and reports them month by month with theoretical closing stock balance.

Report Generator
Comprehensive report generation facilities allowing customised reports.

Manufacturer Identification
Manufacturer Traceable Items
Stock items may be individually nominated as manufacturer traceable.

Brand References
As well as the document number given to all incoming batches, traceable goods are given an additional brand reference.
Stock Movement Functions
Issues, transfers and all goods outwards functions require the selection of the required make. The functions will display the available makes on request.

Audit Trail
Each movement transaction may be generated from a single incoming goods transaction giving rise to tractability back to goods received and to the supplier.

Multi- Location Option
Stock Location Records
A separate record of each use of a stock item at a specific location is maintained - hence the group totals and the quantities at each location are instantly available. The location records may be set up manually or may be created automatically by the system on the first use of a stock item at a particular location.

Flexible Configuration
The MAP4 multi - location stock control permits the definition of the fields that are permitted to vary by location. For instance one user may require descriptions to vary by location, another may require prices to vary by location.

Key Optional Features
Serial Numbering, Allow/Disallow Negative stock in hand and Hide pricing/Costing information.

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