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Works Order Processing

Create Works - Allow status to be provisional or confirmed.
Order - Calculate recommended release date from lead-time information
and requested due date.
- Order can be attached to the whole factory or specific cells or areas.

Provisional - Component lines for a provisional works order can either be required
Orders or allocated both figures are shown on the stock record.
- Component lines can be commended to add new lines or delete existing ones, thus allowing configuration of the product being made.

Confirmed Orders - Component lines for a confirmed order are automatically issued to
work in progress.
- The value of confirmed orders, not completed is available for work in progress valuation.
- Issuing of batch traced components is controlled insuring a link is made to the correct raw material supplier for each batch.

Complete Works - Allows full or partial completion of a product.
Orders - Accrues cost information relating to the item's costing method.
- Closes works order if appropriate.

Works Order Print
Full print of order identifying required materials, shopfloor area, references and due date.

Reports and Enquiries
Display Order
Shows details of the order including the current status and the quantity ordered.

Report Generator
Comprehensive report generator allowing customised reports detailing; products being made, expected
valuation, current costs of production, orders started late etc.

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